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insurance marketing tips from the community

Insurance Marketing Tips from the Community

Advice on reaching the millennial market


Millennials are the up and coming demographic in need of insurance, check out this post on the LifeHealthPro blog if you’re interested on statistics about marketing to millennials.  |  Lynette Gil @LHPro_Practice

Check out these interesting and informative ways to market to millennials here also from the LifeHealthPro blog.  |  Lynette Gil @LHPro_Practice 

This Informative post includes some great statistics and advice written on the Pinney Insurance blog  It emphasizes using social media and highlights the millennial desire to save versus invest.  | @PinneyInsurance

This post focuses on reaching millennials and stresses that you meet them where they are. | Brent Kelley @brentmkelly @AgencyNation

Think proactively!  Millennials may not have the buying power now, but in a few years they will be a target market for insurance as explained in this post  | Robert Chase @enservio

There are some great ideas out there about marketing to a millennial market, but this blog does a great job on honing in on some of the best. | Travis Balinas @outboundengine @Tbalinas

Tips and tricks on social media marketing for insurance

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Social media marketing and Insurance don’t go together: MYTH! Check the facts in this informative post . | FMGsuite @ijournal @fmgsuite 

Linked in can be a broker’s best friend, check out this post for some great LinkedIn tips. | Meg Murphy @megalegamurph @Benefits_Pro

It’s no joke that social media can create leads for insurance agencies, just check out this post | Larisa Bedgood @DataMentors 

If you know your audience, your game plan will be a definite win! Try some tips from this post  |Emily Kaltman @InsTechCorp

Posting on social media for insurance companies doesn’t have to be a drag, it can actually be pretty fun! Check out this post  of 100 ideas if you need some help getting started  @insurancesplash

Why choose a local Insurance agent?

It is important to be able to clearly communicate why a local insurance agency is better than larger companies.  Here are some articles to help you with relating this to your target market.

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Check out this great list highlighting why choosing local can be better than going with a national carrier| Ellsworth Buck @GREATFLORIDA

Check out this video if you’re interested in learning what local agencies can offer |  @MIBrooksIns

Choosing a local insurance agent can have many benefits, see this post for 7 great reasons to choose local | @MutualBenefitGr

Take a peek at this post by a local insurance agency on the topic of “big box” carriers | @MetroBostonIns

Time management is key!

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Stressed? Work smarter, not harder by trying a few things on this list | @HISChamps

YES! No is a powerful word. Check out this informative blog on time management, and the power of saying no. | @Central_Ins

This blog has some great suggestions when it comes to creating a plan and utilizing scheduling features! | @AgentsAlliance

Check out these other great links to insurance tips and tricks

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Check out this great slide share on reaching new insurance buyers through social media. | @Rallyverse

We agree! providing a solution is much more important than finding a product, check out these other great tips on this post . | @SFGLife

Prospecting is critical so check out these tips for success. | @Quotit 


Written by Kara Dailey | @k_dails

SEO & Link Building Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative

Communications and IT Major at UMass Amherst

Kara Dailey

Kara Dailey | SEO & Link Building Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative | Student at UMass Amherst