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insurance marketing help

Insurance Marketing Help

Marketing your insurance agency can seem like a daunting task. Many insurance agents don’t know where to start. But insurance marketing is not as complicated as it may seem. This post will help insurance agencies find new and creative ways they can market their agency. Here are some tips for insurance marketing help:

Build Your Brand On Social Media 

Using social media can help your brand name grow immensely. Simply having greater brand recognition can go a long way in creating leads and gaining customers. People are more likely to trust the brand they know and have heard of. In addition to that, customers can’t choose your agency if they’ve never heard of it!

Make Your Website Easy To Use 

Having an up-to-date website seems like an obvious marketing tip, but many agencies are still behind on the new technologies. Having an accessible website can go a long way in customer loyalty. Make sure everything on your website is easy to use and figure out, because many people wont waste their time trying to figure out a complicated website. This can help your insurance agency grow exponentially.

Go Mobile 

Having a website that is accessible on the computer isn’t enough in this era. Having a website that is available on cell phones is helpful, but having a site that responds to multiple devices can be even more advantageous. In certain instances, it is more effective to have an app.  These can be customized for the customer, but make sure they are easy to use and free in the app store.

Reach Out On Social Media

Respond to people’s tweets. Comment on their LinkedIn activity. Answer Facebook messages. All these small details can improve your customers satisfaction as well as generate new customers. If someone has a question about your agency, getting an answer directly from the source will improve your relationship and help generate more leads.

Create A Blog

Showing your expertise nearly always helps your insurance agency. Write about a specific type of insurance that you focus on, as more general tips will tend to make less of an impression. This can help build trust between your clients and your agency, as well as generate more leads for your agency. Blogs are always incredibly easy to set up, so you wont have to spend a ton of time on website design.

Get Online

70% of insurance consumers shop online for their insurance policy. (source) This means your agency needs to be visible online whenever possible. Improve your google rank, stay active on social media, connect with other websites for linking in (and out).  As long as it is ethical, do what it takes to get your online presence known to your customers and potential customers.

Insurance Marketing is nothing to be afraid of. These steps will help take your insurance agency to the next level of marketing. Getting online and making your agency known can make all the difference in your marketing strategy.

Written by Eliza Granahan-Field – @elizagf13

Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative
Student at University of Colorado Boulder

Eliza Granahan-Field

Eliza Granahan-Field | 
Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative | Student at University of Colorado Boulder