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insurance agency marketing and time constraints

Insurance Agency Marketing with Time Constraints

If yours is like most insurance agencies, finding time for marketing can be a real challenge. This reality is compounded if your agency is understaffed, like most agencies. So, when approaching insurance agency marketing, it is important to get the most return for your time, as quickly as possible.

While getting your marketing off the ground with the right tactics is important, it is also important to realize that inbound marketing takes time to get moving. Building our website’s reputation with Google will not happen overnight. It is important to stay proactive with your marketing, in order to grow that reputation over time. So, with that in mind, I strongly encourage you to embark on your digital marketing journey.


While it may seem arbitrary and you may not know where to begin, it is important to do a little research. While you could do a lot of research, I suggest knowing at least 2 things rather well. First, know your customers. Know who your existing customers are, what they want, what their insurance needs are, and why they chose you. Once you understand this, target more customers like this, because this works for you. However, if you are wanting to target other types of prospects, find out who they are, what their insurance needs are, what their demographics are, how they do their shopping, and what social platforms they are on. To make a long list short, know your target demographics and use your existing customers to understand as much as you can about them.

Second, know your competition. Use various marketing analysis tools to compare yourself to your competition. Here is a tool that you can use to get a free analysis of your own site, then use it to analyze your competitors: Nibbler. Once you understand your own marketing, you can look at refining it. As a part of knowing your competition, use Google’s Keyword Planner to get an understanding of the keywords that are being searched by your target market and being optimized for by your competitors. While there are more comprehensive ways to get better keyword intelligence, such as Market Samurai. However, this will work for now.

Establishing A Process

Marketing is a process, a process of refining your existing marketing and setting benchmarks to reach. It is important to realize that research and establishing a process will be the most difficult and time-consuming part of this. Consider it an upfront cost of marketing and a repayment to your business, for not growing with the times before now.

  • Downloads – Depending on how your website is set up or how web savvy you are, this may be a little difficult or cost you a little money to set up, because you need a form in order to do this. Setting up your site to receive leads is a crucial part of digital marketing and having some type of free offering is a great way to get leads who are interested in your material.
    Keep in mind that a download should usually be something that benefits the user and doesn’t necessarily pitch your insurance services. While you can do a “price guide” download, you will not convert very often on this. You need something like “A Guide to Insuring Your First Home.” This gives people information that benefits them, whether you write their insurance or not.
  • Blogging – While a download gets their information, blogging gives them a taste of the download and begins to position your agency as the authority on insurance. In addition, blogging does phenomenal and amazing wonders for your SEO and website authority, as long as you strategize your keyword usage. To give you an idea of how phenomenal blogging is, my company website gets 80% of its traffic through the blog…80%! I know it takes some time and consistency, but you cannot afford to overlook this marketing activity! Besides, you can write a 500-750 word blog post in 40 minutes and have it posted in 20 minutes. So, consider that one person (at least), in your office, needs to spend an hour every week to write a blog post. (Another tip is to turn a long email, where you have explained something to a client, into a blog post.)
  • Social Posting – Once you have the content download and blog post into place, begin posting your blog posts on social media. Now, this sounds like a daunting task that takes time out of every single day…but it doesn’t. If you use social media posting software, such as PostCron or HootSuite, you can schedule a whole month in 3 hours or less (probably an hour, once you get used to doing it). Keep an open mind an open voice online, but know that if you build the blog, they won’t just come and read it…you have to draw them in!
  • Periodic eMails – Again, in the spirit of getting people to the blog, leverage your existing database of email address to get traffic to your blog. You should be growing your email database as you get more people downloading your materials, but use what you have to send existing customers and contacts a helpful tip that is related to your blog article. Then just put a link in the email, so they can read more about this topic on your blog.


Finally, I would suggest consolidating as much of the marketing process as possible, by using marketing software, such as HubSpot. With marketing software, you can complete more activities in less time and get better reporting on all of your marketing. Software like HubSpot can do many marketing activities, like social media posting, email campaigns, keyword analysis, hosting your blog, and much more. Having everything under one roof allows you to track your efforts better and ultimately market your business more effectively.

At my company, Blue Phoenix Creative, we personally do a lot more than what I am describing here. I have laid out a process that will start to give you some traction. So, keep in mind that this is a skeleton marketing plan that you can build on over time. I suggest refining and adding to the process over time. Ultimately, in terms of time constraints, once you get everything running, you can probably have a steady marketing initiative with less than 3 hours of marketing activities per week.

Joshua C. Farley

Joshua C. Farley | Owner at Blue Phoenix Creative | @moonfaller