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how to grow your insurance agency

How to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Growing your insurance agency can be sped up and improved significantly by improving your marketing strategy. Name recognition and a social media presence are some of the key aspect your insurance agency needs to focus on in order to grow your insurance agency presence quickly. Using the following strategies can help you grow your agency even faster. 

Use Twitter

Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms to use. It is constantly being updated so your agency will need to stay active in order to be seen. Using the right hashtags and reaching the right followers will help you gain traction with new clients and leads. It will also increase name recognition for those that have not heard of your agency, which can also drive in more customers for your agency

Create a Blog

Blogging is also an easy platform. They are not too difficult to create and can help show off your expertise in insurance. This will lead customers and future customers to trust your agency because you are showing them that you are the expert. The more specific your insurance blog, the better.

Create a Video Channel 

Similar to creating a blog, a video channel on YouTube or other video platforms can show off your expertise in the insurance field. This can help give clients and potential leads valuable information about your agency, as well as insurance in general. This can lead clients to trust your agency more and are likely to be satisfied with the information you provide. Just make sure to keep the information relevant to your clients and prospects.

Update Your Facebook 

Facebook is the most popular social networking site right now with over 1,100,000,000 monthly visitors (source). Using this platform can help your agency grow immensely. Posting your blog posts on your companies page or responding to comments and questions you receive from clients and non-clients alike can boost your brand recognition as well as generate more clients.

Connect on LinkedIn

Using this social networking site can help you connect with more clients online. Use this tool to find new customers who may be looking for the type of insurance your agency provides. LinkedIn can also help generate more brand awareness as more people are likely to see your agencies LinkedIn page.

Boost your Google Rank

Google rank is important in trying to grow your agency. If people haven’t heard of your agency they will not be willing to click through a few pages of google searches to find you. Being on the first page of a Google search can grow your agency extremely quickly. Google is one of the most important tools customers use to do research on their insurance agency. Coming up first will generate new leads and help your agency grow.

Utilizing social media can make a huge difference in the speed of growth your agency sees. While other marketing tools can be used to grow your agency, boosting your social media presence and therefore increasing your brand recognition will grow your insurance agency faster. These helpful tips will grow your insurance agency before you know it.

Written by Eliza Granahan-Field – @elizagf13

Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative
Student at University of Colorado Boulde

Eliza Granahan-Field

Eliza Granahan-Field | 
Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative | Student at University of Colorado Boulder