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4 insurance marketing ideas

7 Insurance Marketing Ideas

The insurance business is ever changing but one thing has remained consistent and that is building and maintaining relationships with clients. Marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Here are 7 insurance marketing ideas to help your insurance agency keep those relationships strong as well as build more lasting relationships. 


1. Use Facebook Advertisements

Facebook will help you direct your ads towards the right demographics so that you’re ads are reaching the right audience. This can be helpful for attracting millennials and increasing views on your website.


2. Use Social Media to Communicate

Social media and insurance go hand in hand in the aspect of nurturing relationships. Responding to questions or complaints on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn will show your customers that you are engaged with them and their needs, something they expect from their insurance agency. Humanizing your agency by responding to concerns will help your customers remain satisfied with your service.


3. Make Sure you’re Accessible on Phones and Tablets

Most emails are opened on a phone or tablet and if your website or emails aren’t set up to be used that way you lose a large group of clientele there. It makes it more difficult for people to get in touch with your agency and could frustrate your customers.


4. Make your Website Easy to Use 

Not only does your website have to be easy to access on mobile phones but it has to be easy to use in general. There is an increasing trend in people expecting the insurance website to match the insurance service. If you’re website is confusing and complicated, customers will likely think the same of your agency. To avoid this, make it easy to use and manage.


5. Create Webinars or Podcasts 

Educating potential customers about your services and insurance products can be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. This will help your clients think of you as experts in this field of insurance and make them more likely to trust your agency.


6. Use Third-party Content

Sharing articles or links on your social media will help engage your clients, just make sure the links you’re sharing are relevant.


7. Create A Blog

Creating a blog will help keep customers up to date on new trends in the insurance world or any new changes your agency is making. Sharing these with customers and potential clients will help keep your customers satisfied.


Written by Eliza Granahan-Field – @elizagf13
Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative
Student at University of Colorado Boulder

Eliza Granahan-Field

Eliza Granahan-Field | 
Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative | Student at University of Colorado Boulder