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10 insurance agent marketing tips

10 Insurance Agent Marketing Tips

Marketing and sales are not the same but in the insurance agency the two should be intertwined. Using good marketing strategies at your insurance agency can help you close more sales. Here are 10 insurance agent marketing tips to help you close more sales at your agency:

1. Email A Newsletter 

Keeping your clients up to date on our new policies and practices can help keep clients satisfied. These emails also help you track your clients and who is engaging with your marketing team because often times you can see who is opening these newsletters and how long they are reading them.

2. Use Facebook 

Use Facebook to increase your brand recognition and engage with the community around your agency. This can be useful in engaging with clients you already have as well as promoting your brand to those who are not already customers.

3. Start A Blog 

Blogging about a specific type of insurance in your region can be helpful in driving in people to your website and also increasing your credibility. If your blog is specific and informative, your insurance agency becomes more trustworthy to your customers and potential customers.

4. Comment On Other Blogs

Whether you decide to start an insurance blog or not, commenting on other related blogs can be helpful to your agency as well. Commenting something helpful and informative on other related blogs can drive in traffic to your own website.

5. Improve Your Google Ranking 

Improving your Google ranking can be achieved in many different ways, but the relevance to peoples searches and your posts, as well as how often Google comes across your business, will determine your ranking. Google ranking is important, because it will make your agency’s website show up higher on the Google search list, which will lead to more clicks on your website and therefore more customers for your agency.

6.  Use Twitter 

Twitter is perhaps one of the easiest social media platforms to engage with your customers and potential customers. Whether it be retweeting or responding to questions on twitter, it is fairly easy for you to contact your customers and more importantly, your customers to contact you. This will leave them with a better sense of trust in your insurance agency.

7. Customer Surveys 

Surveys are an important marketing strategy for insurance companies. If you’re doing a good job, you’re going to get good survey results, leading to an increase in customers. People will be more likely to trust your agency if you’re receiving positive reviews from current clients. Additionally, it will help your agency improve in areas where customers were less satisfied, opening up the door for you to adjust certain areas of your business.

8. Get Links Back To Your Website 

Getting links to your website will not only increase your google rank, but also get more clicks on your website. You can get link backs to your site from other websites or blog posts. This will generate more traffic to your website and help your insurance agency grow.  Here is a great resource for getting backlinks: PointBlankSEO.

9. Encourage Positive Online Reviews 

Sending customers, whom you know are satisfied with your service, a link to a review website and asking them to write a review could help you gain new customers. People checking these review websites are likely looking for an insurance agency and seeing good reviews will help drive people in your door.

10. Be Mobile Accessible

Make sure that your website and blog are compatible with mobile phones and tablets. Also making sure your emails are able to be opened on mobile devices can make a huge difference. Since most people open emails on their mobile devices, if they can’t view your email, they’re likely not going to read it.

All of these marketing strategies are online because that is the future of marketing. Using these ten steps at your insurance agency is sure to transform leads into customers as well as keep your current customers satisfied with your service.


Written by Eliza Granahan-Field – @elizagf13

Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative
Student at University of Colorado Boulder

Eliza Granahan-Field

Eliza Granahan-Field | 
Social Media and Content Marketing Intern at Blue Phoenix Creative | Student at University of Colorado Boulder