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insurance roundup

Insurance Link Roundup



“Policy makers should build on progress made by the Affordable Care Act by continuing to implement the Health Insurance Marketplaces and delivery system reform, increasing federal financial assistance for Marketplace enrollees, introducing a public plan option in areas lacking individual market competition, and taking actions to reduce prescription drug costs.”


insurance agency marketing and time constraints

Insurance Agency Marketing with Time Constraints

If yours is like most insurance agencies, finding time for marketing can be a real challenge. This reality is compounded if your agency is understaffed, like most agencies. So, when approaching insurance agency marketing, it is important to get the most return for your time, as quickly as possible.

While getting your marketing off the ground with the right tactics is important, it is also important to realize that inbound marketing takes time to get moving. Building our website’s reputation with Google will not happen overnight. It is important to stay proactive with your marketing, in order to grow that reputation over time. So, with that in mind, I strongly encourage you to embark on your digital marketing journey. (more…)

insurance marketing tips from the community

Insurance Marketing Tips from the Community

Advice on reaching the millennial market


Millennials are the up and coming demographic in need of insurance, check out this post on the LifeHealthPro blog if you’re interested on statistics about marketing to millennials.  |  Lynette Gil @LHPro_Practice

Check out these interesting and informative ways to market to millennials here also from the LifeHealthPro blog.  |  Lynette Gil @LHPro_Practice  (more…)

independent insurance agency marketing

Independent Insurance Agency Marketing

Making your independent insurance agency marketing strategy actually work can seem like a difficult task at times, especially when the marketing is digital. In fact, you may have thrown in the “digital marketing towel” altogether. However frustrating your experiences may have been, digital marketing is always worth the effort and has a high ROI, when approached from the right direction. In this article, I am going to discuss prospect perceptions that are robbing you of business and how to address these perceptions in positive way. (more…)

4 insurance marketing ideas

7 Insurance Marketing Ideas

The insurance business is ever changing but one thing has remained consistent and that is building and maintaining relationships with clients. Marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Here are 7 insurance marketing ideas to help your insurance agency keep those relationships strong as well as build more lasting relationships.  (more…)